“If you believe in a God…”

Listen to what Doctor Malone has to say about the Omicron variant. đź‘€
@Juliansrumchannel and @forecast432hz’s theory looking strong.

“So the good news with Omicron is very low disease, highly infectious…it looks an awful lot to experienced vaccinologists like a LIVE ATTENUATED VACCINE THAT YOU MIGHT DESIGN FOR PURPOSE”

“This is about as good as we could possibly want in terms of outcomes.”

“If you believe in a God, this looks an awful lot like a Christmas present.”



Natural Immunity Worldwide

I’m warming to the idea that the Omicron variant will wreck the need for mandates.

Essentially, it has 32 new mutations that the current vaccines won’t be able to stop whatsoever. And it spreads far more rapidly than previous variants, but is far more mild than previous variants.

In a nutshell, it’ll likely spread like wildfire with minimal health risk while creating natural immunity worldwide. Thus totally negating the need for vaccines and mandates altogether.


It’s All for Show!

Psaki Snubs African Reporter – Avoids question on why she is spreading a false narrative.

“I think she is pushing a false narrative. She says the reason they ban South Africa, the reason Biden travel ban is because there’s thousands of cases, but the President banned 8 countries in Southern Africa. 6 of those countries have ZERO cases of the omicron “variant”. Only two of them have cases. Botswana has 19 cases, and Southern Africa has 172 cases. So they don’t have thousands of cases, and Botswana has less cases than the UK. There are 25 counties that have the omicron variant and only 4 of them are in Africa”.

Why place a travel ban only on Africa, when 21 other countries have the so called variant?

Because it’s all for show. An attempt at spreading fear.