Eyes on the prize, folks.

Why is everybody acting like Sussman was at the top of the pyramid in what Durham is going after here. It was a DC trial with a DC jury. It was 50/50 at best that we would get the results we wanted here. Yea it’s not ideal but this is not the end of the world. The trial shed light on a ton of stuff.

Clinton ordered and paid for this and Obama’s White House knew about it. That is where we want to see this go so keep your focus on that.

Remember that Durham investigation is just one piece of the pie. Like Gregg said,1000 insurgencies happening all at once and they have more on the way. All these same people are involved in the election shenanigans too.

Eyes on the prize folks. Don’t let the black pillers knock you off course. We still have the momentum because we have the Truth.