When you look at what’s happening on a purely surface level… it’s easy to get discouraged. Recession, war, rumors of war, and corruption on display for the world to see. But this is only one way to view the happenings in our time. I would argue that the better way to look at everything right now is from the lens of heaven. If I was watching a hidden babylon be exposed and the world Awakening like never before what would I be doing at the 40k foot view? I’d be celebrating. I’d be cheering on the beautiful people enduring such difficult but beautiful times. This is exactly what’s happening right now. You’re being cheered on. Heaven is celebrating an exposure like we’ve never seen before. Keep your head up Patriots and never give up hope. When you start to feel down just remind yourself to change your perspective and your heart will soar even when the storm clouds surround you. Amen?

Shadow World War III

We are currently living through shadow world war 3. This means that there will be major bumps and bruises along the way. War requires struggle. War brings pain and casualties.
To complain constantly about this fact will not help you get through this. It will make your life more difficult. What you can do is hold onto the promises that God gives. He gives us peace in the storm. And we can continue to hold tightly to the belief that the best is yet to come. I don’t know about you but I will literally never give up my faith and if that offends you then so be it. God’s got this. So shake off some of your frustration, go outside and breathe in the fresh air, and stand back up again and believe. Cause that’s what I’m going to do. And I’ll never stop.

There’s no going back.

Anons have watched as the mainstream media hid the cures to covid, idolized mass murderer Fauci, tricked sheep into wearing ineffective masks and cower in fear for a virus with an over 99% survival rate and a cure, claim that Epstein Island was merely a work out gym, say with certainty that Trump colluded with Russia while knowing he didn’t, ban anyone who questions their narratives and cover for pedophiles and swamp creatures around the world.
And people have the gall to ask me why I don’t believe them when they command that I get in line and agree with their Ukraine narrative.
That’s never going to happen.
We literally ARE the news now.
They will never convince me to trust them again after what they’ve done.
I’ll be damned if I ever go back to thinking like a sheep and getting back in line. It will never happen again.
Thinking for ourselves is in our anon DNA.
There’s no going back.

God is doing amazing things.

I would not be discouraged if I were you.
God is doing amazing things.
Look at the big picture.
Literally every single deep state player has become visibly triggered at what Putin is doing. When Xi makes his move what will be their response?
They will become even more irate because they can’t stop what’s happening.
2022 has been infinitely better than 2021.
We haven’t needed to stretch ourselves in faith as much because visible action is being taken even if it takes an anon to see through the propaganda: We know that incredible things are habbening when all of America’s enemies are in an uproar.
Hold the line Patriots.
These pressures and trials are a small price to pay for the joy that is coming.
God is on the move all around the world. You know this to be true.