Thursday midday…

Thursday midday and things are moving slowly here in the Roscoe-verse. This was the 1st of 4 consecutive mornings when I was able to wake naturally, without an alarm. So it was several hours later than normal when I got started with the day’s chores. All the morning metrics I check daily (physical and financial health) were very good today. It remains to be seen how my overall productivity will be affected by this, but I have a stronger sense of calm and peace than I’ve had for… heck, a long time. And I do like that. 👍

Quickly noted…

First Sunday of Advent, late afternoon: Felt a little awkward at Mass this morning without Sylvia sitting next to me. She was under the weather this morning and opted to stay home. Enjoying the day’s NFL games. Thinking about starting a Bible reading project. Have activated my new health insurance card this afternoon, and reset my Facebook password to unlock my account. And I relocated the trash bins hoping to reduce the darned house flies we’ve been battling lately. Hoping for a quiet evening.

After tonight’s meeting…

Wednesday mid-afternoon: Today holds the week’s two main chores, getting my haircut and attending the November KofC Chapter meeting. The haircut was taken care of earlier this afternoon, and my ride to the Chapter mtg. will pick me up at 17:45. Sylvia was disappointed my beard wasn’t clipped real short. I on the other hand, was VERY pleased that the barber trimmed the sides as I wanted and left the front growing long. The rest of my week, after tonight’s meeting, should be easy. That’s my hope.

Shall I consider today a rest day? Yes, I think so.

Late-morning Wednesday and hey, can I count this as a weekend rest day? The last three days in a row: Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, have all found me one heck of a lot busier than normal. And it’s all been KofC/Church related work done outside the home in public with lots of folks, old friends and new friends. It’s been good work all of it but man oh man, I’m needing a day or two to rest and recover.

7 now, and Saturday plans

As you may have noticed if you come to this blog via its front page rather than by following a link to an individual post, the main column is now showing 7 posts rather than 5. A reason for this change is to make more room for my own words among all the interesting memes and quotes I’m finding on the Internet lately. Not that I’ll ever have anything profound to say, but as it is my blog it seems there should be more “me” here. You know? We’ll see how that works.

Plans for today are very modest. There is yard work that needs doing, but the heavy pollen count will keep me inside under the a/c. Ragweed and tree pollens always wreck my sinuses, and those are the bad guys filling the air here in San Antonio today. So this old boy will play it smart by avoiding those and keeping Zyrtec handy.

College Football Games will entertain me this afternoon. Notre Dame vs. Wisconsin is on the TV now and I’ve not yet decided which game I’ll be following next. There are several good ones from which to choose.

After the afternoon’s football, my Saturday evening monster movie will be hosted by Svengoolie, as always.

Unless something unexpected comes up, this how I’m planning my day.