Trusting Jesus


Here I sit on Easter Sunday. At home. Not going to Mass. And I didn’t make it to the Easter Vigil Mass last night either where I was expected to help.

Last night’s absence was due to my concerns about Sylvia’s health. She was VERY unwell and I didn’t want to leave her alone.

She is much better today, THANK GOD, but now it’s my turn to be under the weather. It’s my allergies to all the damned tree pollen in the air, I’m sure. Woke with headache, abdominal pain, very strong vertigo, and a pervasive physical malaise. Much too sick to go to Mass or anywhere else.

The allergy meds are finally kicking in now, and I feel less bad than I did earlier this morning. But this is still going to be a stay-at-home-Sunday.

I trust Jesus to understand.

Dear Complier,

Dear Complier,

We’ve met, but you probably don’t recognise me. You may remember referring to me as a “conspiracy theorist”, “racist”, “sexist”, “bigot”, or “anti-vaxxer”, but in fact I am none of the above, and much more to you than you realise. I am your friend, family member, colleague, lover, acquaintance and neighbour. I am everywhere, but I don’t self-righteously disclose where exactly.

You’re wearing a mask so I can’t see the scorn set on your lips, or even your smile (if it’s there). Your eyes are visible, but in them I see only compliance, fear, shame and defeat. I don’t judge you, as I know you are a victim. You have been efficiently conditioned, the result of which has left you stripped bare of self-confidence, dignity, power and compassion.

Your only strength is to attack those unwilling to join you in obedience. It’s okay – I don’t feel mad – I feel sad for you. I will allow you to direct your fear at me and I will accept it, because the battle I am fighting is for you as well as me. It’s for your children and grandchildren, as well as mine.

You and I both had a choice to make, and I decided to fight for freedom. You submitted instantly, and attempted to shame, intimidate and coerce me into the same, becoming outraged at my independence and my belief in “my body, my choice”. You disagree with my striving for a fair and just society, free from fraud and deception. You call me a “fascist” for arguing against government overreach. Do you see this irony?

While you continue to angrily comply, to follow those who have continuously lied to you, I will continue to push back. I will continue to value my autonomy and I will use my strength to free us both from the path you are blindly walking down.

One day you will see how much your compliance almost cost us, and hopefully you will see that I was never your enemy. I look forward to this day, and I will celebrate it with you. Until then, I will be here propping you up and preventing you from falling, anonymously of course.

Sincerely, Anon.

Recapping Biden’s Recent Presser

Let’s recap Joe Biden’s recent press conference (and first in months).

• Biden blamed his unpopularity on Covid.
• Biden admitted he failed getting PCR “tests” to the public quickly.
• Biden said, “I make no apologies for what I did in Afghanistan”.
• Biden gave Putin the green light to invade Ukraine.
• Biden says that empty store shelves is a myth.

The leader of the free world. 😂