Good morning

Saturday starts quietly and well. Continued tweaking of the new computer is still underway, and probably always will be, that’s just how it works. Expecting several deliveries from Amazon today. College football will be playing in the background as I move through the day’s chores. I’m scheduled to lector at 5:00 Mass this evening. And, since it’s Saturday, there will be Svengoolie tonight.

Posted 03/Sep/2022 ~ 09:50 Central Time

Good night …

Good night kids, sleep safely and well.
I’ll see you tomorrow.

Tomorrow promises to be super busy too, with four separate meetings scheduled already from early morning until the evening, after which I’ll have lots of paperwork to attend to, messages to post online, etc. Busy times.


Food for thought.

After reading a number of similar comments in chat tonight I feel compelled to say something.

Yes, all of this is taking longer than we’d like. Duh! But do you honestly think our Patriots would choose to have this go on a day longer than it needs to? Of course not. To even assert as much is ludicrous.

So, if for some reason you oddly feel it necessary to proclaim publicly that you alone know how best to manage the larger military operation in play – trust me this one – you don’t. And it’s not even close.

The fact is that you, Mr. or Mrs. Combat Karen, don’t know more about how things need proceed than the people currently running point on effort to save humanity. You know, the people who have been at this for years/decades before you were even aware that there was a problem to begin with. Those guys. Let ’em do their damn job.

The solution obviously involves 1) educating us as to the magnitude of the pickle we’re in (so it never happens again), and 2) safely managing the completion of a resounding and historic victory for all of mankind that forever changes the course of humanity. Oh, and did I mention doing so without destroying the world economy and having things deteriorate to the point where door-to-door type conventional war breaks out in the process thereby putting MILLIONS of lives at risk.

So here’s a thought. If you feel the need to play ‘Chicken Little’ and/or make asinine assertions as to the superiority of your vast experience managing some of the largest and most complex military operations in the history of man – don’t.

Think of it this way. Kids complaining from the back of the car doesn’t do a damn thing to get to the destination sooner. But what it does do is makes the rest of the trip more miserable for everyone else in the vehicle having to suffer through it.

Food for thought.

Something Rarely Acknowledged

Pence did exactly the right thing

The role of the VP in a contested election is administrative. He opens the ballots and counts them. There is nothing in the 12th Amendment or the Electoral Count Act of 1887 that suggests the VP has the power to personally reject the ballots at his discretion. That is simply false

The ECA was passed in response to the contested election of 1876. A commission was formed to address the problems and produced the ECA. It addresses the question of what happens when there are contested electors

On January 6th 2021, there were competing electors from several states. We will never know what might have happened if the riots had not intervened. That is a fact that is almost never addressed

As it turned out, Pence was removed to safety and the possibility of dealing with the competing electors was lost in the chaos. That is the job of Congress. It is not Pence’s fault

It needs to be noted that any contested ballots that resulted in a deadlock in Congress would then be sent back to the individual states, even if the Congress voted to overturn the certification.

The ballots were certified first at the state level. They would have to be decertified at the state level as well. That is both a political and a legal process.

This would have continued throughout the year.

We will never know what would have happened. But blaming Pence for any of this and making unfounded accusations against him is dishonorable.

The Democrats were the culprits here, with the nevertrump coward helpers – at the state level.

Great work is being done to address that. Leftist corruption has been broken and legislation is being passed to destroy Democrat corruption at its root.

That is something else that is rarely acknowledged.