That “Red Wave” we all expected?

There really was a red wave in the midterms, but it was macro-engineered to a trickle, as should have been expected. The scam of “malfunctioning” voting machines, the shortage of paper ballots, the tsunami of mail-in and late ballots, the temporary closing and slow-downs of polling stations, and so on would have been sufficient to determine an electoral result. 2020 was an early run for 2022, which in turn should be regarded as a template for 2024.

“Buckle Up!”

November 9, 2022

“Spit Ball

See the big picture

A battlefield is being prepared.

The war is in the media for the narrative.
It’s still a war for the normies.
The enemy are the media and the democrats.

We now control Twitter, they don’t.
The media has been weakened, their ratings are in the toilet.
We are the media now, exposing their lies within minutes.

And now if we control Congress, they will also join our side as an amplifier to push our narrative.

The two sides are being set for battle.

What’s about to happen next is the evidence is going to be produced.
In courts.
Election fraud.
Corruption from Durham and Weiss.
It’s almost time for battle my friends.
Buckle up!”


A new and improved America First GOP is about to take majorities in the House and the Senate.

If these people are serious about fixing this country, they will:

-File articles of impeachment for Biden

-Open investigations into everything

-Allocate money to build the wall

-Stop masking our kids

-Stop C19 mandates

-Stop sending money and weapons to Ukraine

After the DNC and their policies ruined this country, the only response is SCORCHED EARTH.

We the People have had enough.