Thoughts on the Russo-Ukraine war and recent visits by US officials.

Thoughts on Russo-Ukraine War and visits by US Officials:

I don’t know if Zelensky is really in Kiev. Since about week two of the war, I’ve been of the opinion that he was in an embassy in Poland.

In recent weeks we’ve had several US officials visit Kiev, reportedly, including A/SecDef Miller, SecState Blinken, SecDef Austin, and now Speaker Pelosi, Rep Adam Schiff and other members of Congress.

I can track their flights all the way to Rzeszow, Poland, but not into Ukraine.

Let’s assume that he is in Kiev, and these officials went there.


Russia controls the skies over Ukraine. Military ops continue throughout the country. The most recent shipment of arms from US and UAE was destroyed shortly after it arrived in Odessa.

So if these US officials did go into Ukraine, whether it was Lviv (where Blinken said diplomats would soon set up an office) or Kiev, they would have to contact Russia and coordinate with them in order to safely go in and to leave.

In other words, if these meetings are happening inside Ukraine, then they are happening thanks to… Vladimir Putin. The same Vladimir Putin that many of these officials claim is insane, sick, reckless, aggressive, a war criminal, etc.

Now, why would Putin allow these meetings to take place?

Because he has already won the war in Ukraine.

On the other hand, if these meetings are staged in Rzeszow, Poland, then Putin is sitting back laughing because he knows that his forces will just blow up any new arms shipments coming into Ukraine.

Ukraine, with the help of pretty much every “news” agency on the planet, continues to win the info/persuasion war, but Russia continues to the win the ACTUAL WAR.

Notice a pattern here?

Remember the timeline:
-C19 escaped/released from US DoD funded lab in Wuhan, China
-Russia and China accuse US of creating biological weapons
-US denies claims
-Russia invades Ukraine and takes out US biolabs and provides evidence of biological malfeasance
-US denies claims again
-China agrees with Russia again and is soon to move into Taiwan

Notice a pattern here? China is moving into Taiwan to take out US biolab activity. There are 13, BSL4 labs in Asia. There’s one in China, it’s Wuhan, origin of C19. There’s also one in Taiwan. The Institute of Preventative Medical Research in Taoyuan City.

And for those that want to say there’s no US influence, every building on the campus has the name written in English beneath the Mandarin… the US has insane influence in Taiwan to include their highest level biolab housing the deadliest pathogens known to man. See above.