Are You Enjoying the Tyranny?

If you’ve been following along, you know that Mike Lindell has commissioned the preparation of a Supreme Court complaint where plaintiff states are suing several defendant states for illegally certifying their 2020 General Election results.

Essentially, the 2020 election was stolen from you because the defendant states violated myriad federal and state laws. You’ve been injured because of this, and have the right to a legal remedy.

How are you enjoying the tyranny resulting from our illegitimate administration?

The evidence is overwhelming and the complaint is conservative, citing only well-documented evidence, often already court-validated. It is straightforward and brilliantly prepared.

All you need is for your state Attorney General to sign the ready-made complaint.

A team of us has been traveling the country for weeks, presenting the complaint in person, answering questions, showing them their own data, and also the passwords to their accounts and cyber intrusions into their election systems.

Many of them of them have already acknowledged in private that they know their own elections were hacked.

They just lack the political cajones to sign the complaint. “We’ll sign it if other AG’s do.” Is the common refrain.

You need to help them find their spines.

It’s not just the AG’s. State election officials often admit in private that their elections are tainted, but are afraid to tell their own clerks for fear that the whole state will “blow up,” and citizens will lose faith in their elections.

Ya think?

Call your AG’s, email them, and demand that they sign the complaint.

We are entitled to relief from this illegitimate and tyrannical administration.

The federal government is constitutionally obligated to ensure a republican form of government. It has performed dismally. We the People have performed dismally. It is high time for every citizen to step up.