“Freedom… comes from within the soul.”

The freedom of every individual is a guaranteed right. The right of self-growth and development, though, comes from within the soul. Nurturing the soul and the brain makes us complete as humans and helps us evolve. That is how we grow. First as individuals, then as a nation, and in the end, as a world.

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How to deal with a difficult day.

One of the best ways to deal with a difficult day:
Don’t make it harder for yourself than it has to be. There are times when you see a train of thought coming and you still have a window of opportunity to give yourself some measure of control. You can choose to go down that line of thinking but then somewhere along the way you lose all inhibitions. Those thoughts becomes an avalanche of negative emotions. Getting yourself out of that mindset becomes much more difficult. The shortcut is to simply not go down that path of thinking. Choose to trust God and skip the hardest part. You can suffer less by controlling what you think and believe.


Pick one.

Pick one.
Covid is a bioengineered virus created by the deep state/China in order to implement their plans across the world. Released to prevent Trump from getting into office for a second time and sabotage his fight against the deep state. The media lied about the numbers, it’s not as deadly as they say, but it’s still an enhanced virus. They hid the cures and ways to prevent and lessen the disease in a mass crime against humanity.
Covid isn’t real