We have to keep trying.

Good afternoon beautiful people,

Apologies for the influx of posts – I wanted to cover some things that are happening around the world before I put my phone away for the day. I’ve vowed to enjoy New Years’ Eve with loved ones, enjoy the day, and eat lots of MEAT. Hear that, Schwab?

As I’m sitting here reflecting on the year that was, and the past three years really, it truly is astounding to see how far the agenda has come. For the most part, it’s been due to a lack of resistance, but I do believe that resistance is growing.

Some people will want to be cyborgs and live in a Metropolis. Some people will think it’s a great idea, until they realise just how sinister it is. Others have realised that becoming self-sufficient and separating themselves from the systems that exist while we battle this agenda is the only way forward.

My heart’s desire is to see the latter continue to grow. We will never reach everyone, but we have to keep trying in the New Year. We must keep warning, educating, and speaking to the masses. What other choice do we have? I know none of you will ever subscribe to being slaves, and neither will I.

Thank you all for all of your support this year. We may not always agree on everything, and sometimes some of us get it wrong, but that’s the beauty of being a free-thinker… something they can never take away from us.

I appreciate every single one of you, I really do. Knowing there are so many people out there prepared to keep up the good fight is extremely encouraging. The reason I will never give up is largely due to all of you.

God bless you all, have a wonderful night, and never, ever let the tyrants rule your mind.

Happy New Year.



Reality is warped.

The world is in psychological purgatory.

The Dems cried wolf for 4 years about Trump conspiring with Putin to interfere in the 2016 election. The media were reporting on it as if it were fact, the majority of the public believed it, and all of it turned out to be a lie.

Now we have incontrovertible evidence that the Dems conspired with Twitter, MSM, FBI/DHS, etc., and ACTUALLY interfered in the 2020 election, and the MSM are calling it a “nothing burger”.

Reality is warped.


Trump is right.

Trump is pretty much echoing my sentiments.

This is an unprecedented event, and therefore requires unprecedented action.

The only action that would make sense to establish order, would be the US Military, by letter of their Oath to defend the Constitution, which the Deep State have incontrovertibly attacked and violated.

Trump is right. Unprecedented action is required, and now our eyes look to the US MIL to fulfill their Oath.

We are waiting.


Pray without ceasing.

“This therefore should be the aim, this the concern and goal of a spiritual man – to be worthy to possess the image of future bliss in this corruptible body, and in a certain measure experience in advance how the foretaste of that heavenly bliss, eternal life and glory begins in this world. This, as I say, is the goal of all perfection, that his purified mind should be daily raised up from all bodily objects to spiritual things until all his mental activity and all his heart’s desire become one unbroken prayer. So the mind must abandon the dregs of earth and press on towards to God, on whom alone should be fixed the desire of a spiritual man, for whom the least separation from that summum bonum is to be considered a living death and dreadful loss. Then, when the requisite peace has been established in his mind, when it is free from attachment to any carnal passion, and clings firmly in intention to that one supreme good, the Apostle’s sayings are fulfilled, ‘Pray without ceasing.’ (1 Thessalonians 5:17) and,  ‘Pray in every place liftung up pure hands without anger or dispute.’ (1 Timothy 2:8) For when the power of the mind is absorbed in this purity, so to speak, and is transformed from an earthly nature into the spiritual or angelic likeness, whatever it receives into itself, whatever it is occupied with, whatever it is doing, it will be pure and sincere prayer.

In this way, if you continue all the time in the way we have described from the beginning, it will become as easy and clear for you to remain in contemplation in your inward and recollected state, as to live in the natural state.”
-St. Albert the Great


Justice is served.

TODAY — “All three judges on a U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals panel unanimously upheld a class wide injunction protecting unvaccinated U.S. Air Force personnel from being disciplined over the Department of Defense’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

In their 56-page ruling Tuesday, the panel denied the federal government’s request to overturn a lower court’s ruling after previously denying its request for an emergency stay.” (The Center Square)