Information warfare

Putin’s speech postponed until tomorrow.

Head fakes. Feints. Information warfare.

Now the media cycle can run its course, drawing more eyes on the situation, and normalizing the populace.

Perhaps drawing out the enemy’s moves. Lots of variables in play.

Speculation from the Left is that Putin plans to “fully mobilize for war with Ukraine”.

I have no idea what the public address is about, but I know the Left tend to be wrong about everything.

Keep eyes on the situation.

It’s slavery

It’s 2016. You work all day long, barely making ends meet.

You want a change in leadership, so November comes around and you vote for Trump.

Despite the will of the People, the DNC and rogue elements within the US government, deemed your vote irrelevant. They took your taxpayer dollars, used it to pay a literal Russian spy to lie to the FBI, so they could spy on, smear, and destroy the man you voted for.

A government who doesn’t respect the will of the People is not democracy. It’s slavery.