“Buckle Up!”

November 9, 2022

“Spit Ball

See the big picture

A battlefield is being prepared.

The war is in the media for the narrative.
It’s still a war for the normies.
The enemy are the media and the democrats.

We now control Twitter, they don’t.
The media has been weakened, their ratings are in the toilet.
We are the media now, exposing their lies within minutes.

And now if we control Congress, they will also join our side as an amplifier to push our narrative.

The two sides are being set for battle.

What’s about to happen next is the evidence is going to be produced.
In courts.
Election fraud.
Corruption from Durham and Weiss.
It’s almost time for battle my friends.
Buckle up!”



A new and improved America First GOP is about to take majorities in the House and the Senate.

If these people are serious about fixing this country, they will:

-File articles of impeachment for Biden

-Open investigations into everything

-Allocate money to build the wall

-Stop masking our kids

-Stop C19 mandates

-Stop sending money and weapons to Ukraine

After the DNC and their policies ruined this country, the only response is SCORCHED EARTH.

We the People have had enough.



Nothing can stop what’s coming.

October 24, 2022

Here’s what I mean by that term.
I don’t say “it’s all a movie” and I don’t know anybody that says that.
I say “we are watching a movie”.
What do I mean?
It’s like a chess game where the outcome is already known. We are down to the last predictable moves of the enemy and they have no chance at winning.
Our military intelligence controls the electronic battlefield and collects all electronic communications
The enemy doesn’t have the freedom they used to have to plan things and openly communicate.
I like to use the term of “the invisible hand” working behind the scenes.
The military is doing a lot which is why devolution is so important.
We infiltrated and mapped out Antifa and BLM and have holllowed them out so the enemy no longer has the power to riot.
There are mass resignations from heads of companies, politicians and even Fed members.
As Q said when we were told to track resignations, the military is forcing them to resign. Many are part of the 358,000 sealed indictments around the country.
All of the enemy traps for Trump were known ahead of time and boomeranged back on them.
Suddenly all judges across the country including Obama judges are following the constitution.
They know what’s coming and don’t want to become enemy combatants.
And look at the timing of everything right now.
Everything being exposed at once?
It’s called game theory.
We have gamed out the enemy’s options. There last moves on the chess board and we are forcing them to make the desperate moves we actually want them to in order to destroy the democrat party.
When Q says nothing can stop what’s coming it’s true.
We control the timing and the narrative in this unconventional war.
That’s why it’s “like watching a movie.”
We are in control, the enemy isn’t.