Reduce Pandemic Severity with Vitamin D

Seasonality and Supplementation of Vitamin D

👉 As already evidenced by previous correlation studies, a low 25(OH)D concentration should be considered a contributing factor to COVID-19 severity.

👉 Europe and the northern USA are starting a long COVID-19 crisis this autumn, as they will return to a level above the October sun UV daily dose only at the end of March 2021.

👉 Measures to reduce the pandemic severity during the coming winter using controlled preventive vitamin D supplementation should be considered.



Vitamin D is essential…

[Forwarded from Dr. Simon]
Vitamin D is an essential hormone to regulate our immune system. I’m very confident that almost nobody would die from (not with!) Covid if everybody had a vitamin D blood serum level above 40 ng/mL. Achieving this by supplementing it would cost about 0,05$ per person per day, which is much cheaper than the follow-up costs of the worldwide lockdowns.

I’ve created another Telegram channel in which I’ll post recent studies and general information about vitamin D. Feel free to join. ☀️