Our nation faces perilous times due to the complacency of our citizens and the severe overreach of our government. But it has become very clear, the American people have awakened. We now have to activate every single American who cares about this country, future generations of Americans, and the many thousands who preceded us who sacrificed everything for our freedom.

In the course of history, nation states and empires rose and fell. They did so because the people succumbed to tyranny or they responded to the times they faced.

We face the most consequential of times in all of U.S. history and it is now time to respond. Once again, we as a free, democratic republic, face a dramatic decision point. The decisions we must now make will impact future generations for centuries to come.

I have been saying “local action equals national impact” for quite some time now. This is an action phrase meant to purposely cause you to think about how you as an American citizen should actively participate in the fabric of our society.

There are an abundance of ways to achieve this and one can start right at home in your own communities. Get involved and take the time to learn about all aspects of the people and processes running your local government.

Help out with cleaning up voter registration rolls, support local canvassing efforts, join in to help a political campaign whose ideas you support, volunteer for the hundreds of volunteer positions still unfilled, speak to the people in your church or other local community organizations that we stand to lose our basic rights and freedoms. These are only a short list of actions. But the point is to get involved.

Lastly, VOTE! On voting day, we need to overwhelm the opposition that represents a rapid slide toward socialism and worse. Although this administration should be expected to come up with other distractions, DO NOT BE DISTRACTED. Instead, STAY FOCUSED! Vote and get your friends and neighbors to vote. And for Heaven’s sake, VOTE for freedom, VOTE for America, but VOTE!!!

I will post and speak more on this in the coming days, weeks and months…but no more excuses.

God Bless America 🙏🏼🇺🇸


VOTE! It’s important!

[Forwarded from TruthHammer (TruthHammer888)]
In the coming months you will hear some voices discouraging Patriots from voting.

“omg your vote doesn’t count so stay home! Until 2020 is fixed no vote matters!”

Fact: We need vote turnout at LEGENDARY LEVELS to stress & expose their systems for cheating. Period.

Do you think 2020 would have gone BETTER for us if Trump had not generated record breaking turnout?

Do you understand that high turnout stresses and exposes the complex multi-layered strategies the enemy has created to rig our elections? We are truly at a precipice, and on the verge of BREAKING THEIR GAMES WIDE OPEN.

Every sleeper tool the enemy has is working hard to solve both sides of this problem. They need 1) lower turnout and 2) audits to go away.

We need 1) higher turnout and 2) audits to keep blowing holes in their “most secure election in history” narrative.

Pick which side of the war you are on. Some of the voices you will hear discouraging voter turnout played the same tune last time. Figure out who they are. 👀

I will do my part and vote in every election until I’m dead, and then tell God I did all I could do. Join me in making the same personal vow. 🙏