Look around you.

Is it happening ?

Look around you- liberals are waking up in droves. Whether all the arrests happened yet or not doesn’t matter. It’s the idea that can’t be killed. Eventually enough people are going to be awake that the game will be over. We avoid civil war when everyone agrees they should be locked up.

Liberals now removing public signs of association with democrats out of fear of retribution.

Have you watched Watters World on fox? He’s got his own show now and he’s basically reading Q posts on live tv.

Russia has massive cabal oligarchs surrounded in Ukraine. They’re trapped and they even admit they need help or risk things “greater than Ukraine”.

There’s so much shit going down right now.

We aren’t waiting for one single event to blow it wide open – it will be blown wide open accumulatively with a thousand cuts to bleed them out in front of everyone.

Yesterday Hillary went to nyc to bitch about trump, the “big lie”, and insurrection and she was met by protestors before and after chanting “hang her” and “lock her up”. To her face. Lol. This is in NYC….

Celebrity Liberals and Democrats everywhere are decrying trudeau’s use of force on the civilians.

People everywhere are waking up to the covid and vaccine nonsense. Shit even Bill Gates admitted omicron did a “better job than the vaccines at providing immunity to covid and its variants. “

Vaccine mandates, vaccine cards, mask mandates, and restrictions are falling in most major countries, including in Democrat and cabal strongholds.

Truth Social is about to open and unfiltered and unfettered truth is going to flow out of there like a biblical flood. What better opportunity and timing than right now too with people waking up and pissed off looking for the truth. There won’t be a thing they can do to stop it either. There will be a red pilling happening on a scale that will make everything up to this moment look like Child’s play.

I can go on all day pointing all these little things out. They’re little wins but these add up over time to the Ultimate win.

I mean , They just came out and said they found evidence of nephilim in israel and are making a 4 part documentary showing all the proof.

It’s so happening.
We couldn’t tell them.
We had to show them.

The cabal losers will never recover from what they’ve done at their own hands and the people will know it was them the entire time. They won’t forget either.

This was the point.
We are winning and it’s just begun to swing the other direction.

Buckle your seatbelts.
Winning like you’ve never seen before is not “soon” it’s NOW.



Spit Ball

Are you recognizing what’s happening my friends?
The democrats greatest weapon has always been the media. It’s protected them and destroyed their enemies.
Trump’s strategy?
Take them head on! Fake News!!
He knew they would attack him relentlessly and he wanted them to.
I gladly take all the arrows!
He also knew they would lie constantly about everything he did and said.
Do you realize what an advantage it is in a war to know what your enemy will do?
As he pushed and passed major America first policies the media trashed them damaging their own credibility with their viewers.
As he spoke truth to the American people they painted everything he said as lies. Their lies were easily exposed doing more damage to their credibility.
Can anyone say HCQ and Ivermectin?

Have you seen CNN’s ratings? Down almost 90%.
Same with the other cable news networks. All are down. There is a strong correlation between the loss of viewership for left wing news and the crashing democrat poll numbers.
Great Awakening!

So who’s winning this media war?
Trump’s support has gotten stronger while the media control has gotten weaker.
Look at the recent firings and resignations in the news media.
All the Trump haters are being removed suddenly.
Cuomo and now Maddow.
CNN is being absolutely decimated. The head of CNN and a bunch of producers are forced out. Rumors of other CNN hosts soon to follow.
Truth Social about to come online.
Social media now dominates the news cycle.
No coincidences my friends!
We are entering a new era of truth returning to the media.
The corrupt media propaganda system is just one more system Trump has exposed, is bringing down and going to replace.
We are witnessing it in real time!


We Are Winning

Good morning Patriots 🇺🇸

I consider myself somewhat of an expert in the art of fake news – not because I am a genius, but because I unfortunately watch too much of it (😆) so can share it with all my frens here on Telegram.

Well as a professional fake news debunker, I am happy to report that there has been a noticeable change in their reporting. The level of bullshit has rapidly increased, which is a good sign. The vast abundance of utter nonsense they are broadcasting, makes it tough to even find a notable clip to share with you. It’s nonstop!

This just tells me that we are winning. The MSM is dying. Even normies can see it. They fake news has been forced into a corner and they dont even make sense anymore. The lies are becoming more & more obvious.

Keep going! We are getting closer!

Happy Hump Day, Patriots. Cheers!


And we’re still winning.

(They) have :
-Multi Billion dollar media industries
-celebrity mouth pieces
-past presidents and world leaders
-the Pope
-Big Pharma
-virtually all intelligence agencies
-control of Big Tech
-ownership of 95% social media
-censorship control
-weather manipulation
-false flag patsies
-multiple terrorist groups
-fundraising capabilities
-and trillions of dollars

We have:
-phones with cameras
-social media accounts

And we’re STILL winning.