Every, single, patriot plays a part in our Information War. One shares, another interprets and shares again, and on it goes. Then before you know it, BOOM—Dave @realX22report blasts it out to the world. This daisy train of TRUTH is how our community works and it has proven unstoppable.

To those sharing those isolation comments I see, remember this—No matter how insignificant or alone you may feel, YOU are just as important as the biggest anon you follow. I am living proof.

I was obscure in this movement before my other favorite Dave, @Praying_Medic discovered my research and started sharing it. Ironically, it was he who first motivated me to create an anon account and start composing research threads on Twitter.

Maybe you aren’t a research anon but you can certainly decern and share information with those you touch. You can change hearts and minds too. Each one teach one.

Don’t EVER allow yourself to feel powerless, no matter how alone you may feel. First, Luke 17:22 (NIV). Second, know that you belong to our globally connected community and WE THE PEOPLE are the storm.

We are united, we are winning, and all of us are playing a roll in defeating the most powerful global cabal that has ever existed.

“TOGETHER you are invincible.




The world is undergoing a massive transition. The enemy wishes a great reset. God wills a Great Awakening. You are experiencing such tribulation because we are in unprecedented times. Things will never be the same. We’ve entered into a new era. Muster the champion of God within you and stand your ground. Keep your eyes on God. He calms the wind. He calms the waves.
As turbulent as it may get we can and will find victory.
The world has never seen such a thing happen which means you are blessed to be born to battle in this hour. Remember that you are here for a reason and that you are not alone. WWG1WGA.